Episode 10: Flash Love-Andrey Ivanov

Andrey Ivanov, co-founder of Flash Love, shares how empowering and raising up youth leaders is impacting communities across the Northwest.

People rise and fall to meet your level of expectations for them
— -John C. Maxwell

Andrey has a passion to restore communities by harnessing the free time and creative energy of young people. While many condemn young people for being destructive or rebellious, Andrey Ivanov discovered that many teens act out because they do not have true leaders or mentors holding them to high standards. Young people want to make an impact but often lack the opportunity or guidance.

Flash Love.jpg

Flash Love was created to give teens a purpose and a community, things every human needs. Not only are schools being transformed, but entire communities are seeing the positive impact of young people who see their own potential and are living life on purpose. Rather than babysitting and controlling them, Flash Love gives young adults responsibility and accountability. To learn more about Flash Love and the impact they are making, visit their site at https://www.flashlove.org or visit their facebook page.

Episode 9: Anchors Outdoor Adventures-Isaiah Adams

Isaiah Adams, President and co-founder of Anchor's Outdoor Adventures shares how water action sports can help at-risk or neglected youth find hope and healing.

Isaiah Adams, President and Co-founder

Isaiah Adams, President and Co-founder

Isaiah grew up doing action sports and knows first-hand the therapeutic benefits they can have. In college, Isaiah had the dream of creating an organization that used water sports to help at-risk youth. This dream lied dormant until Isaiah met up with a childhood friend, Trevor Gomez, who had a similar vision. The two began working on the project and Anchors Outdoor Adventures was born shortly after.

Group photo.jpg

Research has shown that without access to recreation, young people find alternative, often destructive, ways of using their free time. Youth who participate in these destructive activities at an early age have a much higher chance of unlawful offenses. Research also supports the notion that outdoor recreation has considerable positive effects on mental health. By offering a safe, inclusive environment for at-risk youth to engage in action sports, Anchors Outdoor Adventures (Anchors OA) gives at-risk youth an outlet for the many trials they face elsewhere. Anchors Outdoor Adventures (Anchors OA) uses an anchor as a symbol of using Jesus Christ as an anchor for their lives.

You can learn more at https://www.anchorsoa.org

Episode 8: Transitional Youth-Rhona Mahl

Rhona Mahl, executive director of Transitional Youth, shares how a new mindset is required to truly impact Portland’s at-risk youth population.

Rhona Mahl

Rhona Mahl

Ever since Rhona’s life was transformed at the age of 14, she knew she wanted to live for something more than herself. Having experienced life on the streets as a child, she knows first hand how hard it can be to break the cycle of poverty. Today Rhona oversees Transitional Youth, a nonprofit dedicated to loving at-risk youth and helping them find healthy transformation.

Braking Cycles.PNG

Rhona is also the executive director of Braking Cycles, a nonprofit coffee and bike shop in Portland that operates under the umbrella of Transitional Youth. Through its youth apprenticeship programs, Braking Cycles offers hope, tangible job skills, and real-world knowledge that will provide youth a place and opportunity to dream, reach, and achieve. The goal is that healthy self-sufficiency can become the new cycle.

Learn more at https://www.brakingcycles.org and https://www.transitionalyouth.org/

Episode 7: African Road-Kelly Bean

Kelly Bean, Executive Director of African Road, shares a model of making lasting change based on relationships rather than donations.

Kelly Bean-Executive Director, African Road

Kelly Bean-Executive Director, African Road

In 2007, Kelly Bean visited Rwanda and met inspiring East Africans who had a vision for their countries and communities. They kept in touch and began to form long-term friendships, out of which African Road was born.

Populations within many countries in Africa are faced with extreme poverty, defined as living on less than $1.90 per day. Many developed countries are working to eliminate poverty in Africa, with nearly $50 billion given every year. This money is helping save lives and meet immediate needs, but does not empower people to make lasting change.

Changemaker David Clemy

Changemaker David Clemy

African Road partners with local Changemakers in East Africa who are already working for change in their own communities. African Road builds friendships with these Changemakers and helps them reach their own goals. This model of partnership takes a long time to develop but in the end makes a far greater impact.

You can find out more at https://www.africanroad.org/

Episode 6: Project SEARCH-Brandon Runyan/Kari SEALS

Brandon Runyan, an intern with Project SEARCH, shares his experience living with a developmental disability and how Project SEARCH has helped. Kari Seals, the program manager for Project SEARCH also shares why Project SEARCH is so important.

Like many people with developmental disabilities, Brandon is faced with stereotypes and misconceptions on a constant basis. In this episode, Brandon shares with us what some of those misconceptions are and how he deals with them. He also provides some useful tips for “neurotypical” people in how to interact with someone who has a developmental disability. The main point is that if you have a question, just ask!

Brandon and Kari both share how Project SEARCH helps interns build useful job skills such as professionalism, accountability, perseverance, and many others through the nine-month, three-rotation internship. It’s an unfortunate fact that more than 80% of people with developmental disabilities are unemployed. However, for interns who go through the Project SEARCH program, that figure is nearly reversed with 83% of interns finding job placement.

Project SEARCH is also a part of Pacific Grand Realtor’s Network of Generosity, which means anyone who supports Project SEARCH is eligible to receive significant discounts on real estate services. In addition, Pacific Grand agent Daniel Roberts (that’s me!) and industry partners will donate to Project SEARCH after every eligible transaction. For more more information, email daniel.roberts@pacificgrand.com.

Episode 5: World Race-Lyndsee Landon

Lyndsee Landon, a participant of World Race, shares her story of packing her backpack and spending 11 months in 11 countries serving under-privileged communities while actively showing the love of Jesus.


Lyndsee never planned on being a missionary or participating in World Race. In fact, she thought it was weird that anyone would want to leave the comfort of the United States and spend 11 months in developing countries. But when Lyndsee felt an undeniable calling to apply for the trip, she knew she didn’t have another choice. When she felt prompted to quit her job and break her lease 5 months before she left, she knew she had no option but to trust God.

On this episode Lyndsee shares some of the stories and struggles, as well as heart-warming moments of being on World Race. From working with ex child soldiers, being hit by tuk tuks, having her hair done inside a prison, to the hard goodbyes, this is a story that everyone can learn from.

Lyndsee is continuing her journey at Center for Global Action in Gainesville, Georgia. If you want to support Lyndsee, you can donate directly at http://lyndseelandon.adventurescga.org or use Venmo @Lyndsee-Landon.

Wild and Holy.PNG

Lyndsee is also selling wild & holy T-shirts to raise support and you can purchase them by clicking this link.

Episode 4: Temperate Orchard Conservancy

In this fun and interactive episode, Joanie Cooper, Shaun Shepherd, and Franki Baccellieri of the Temperate Orchard Conservancy (TOC) share their passion for preserving varieties of fruit that would otherwise likely be extinct.

Joanie, Shaun, and Franki

Joanie, Shaun, and Franki

As members of the Home Orchard Society, Joanie, Shaun, and Franki share a love for growing, exploring, and protecting fruit. When mutual friend Nick Botner was no longer able to care for his own collection of over 4500 apple varieties, Joanie, Shaun, and Franki knew they had to take action. In 2011, they began cloning the apple trees and in 2012 the TOC was born and is now located at Almaty Farm in Molalla, Oregon.

Now, TOC has the largest private collection of distinct apple varieties in the world, and has gained international attention. Cary Fowler of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault even provided TOC grants to provide fencing, a well, irrigation, and other construction needs.

As a fun bonus, I was able to try some varieties of apples on the episode that I never even knew existed. I hope you enjoy this episode and check out the work Temperate Orchard Conservancy is doing!

Episode 3: Candlelighters for Children with Cancer - Jackie Groah

Jackie Groah, executive director of Candlelighters for Children with Cancer, joins us to share the impact Candlelighters is making in the lives of families with children diagnosed with cancer.

Jackie Groah, Executive Director

Jackie Groah, Executive Director

It’s hard enough to hear that your child has been diagnosed with cancer. But when you are unable to work because you are with your child in the hospital, have glaring bills for medication and treatment, and feel like you are the only one going through this, it can be almost unbearable. This is the belief held by Candlelighters and is why they work to support the entire family.

Candlelighters Family Camp

Candlelighters Family Camp

Since 1977, Candlelighters has been serving families by providing programs such as emergency financial assistance, an annual family camp, family activities, bereavement support, and a hospital meal program. Over the past few years, the programs and funding have expanded to reach even more families struggling through this difficult journey.

Candlelighters also works hard to give as much as possible to its programs, with 84 cents of every dollar going directly to program support. Over the past 42 years, Candlelighters has served more than 82,000 family members in this difficult journey and is depended upon by hospitals all over the state of Oregon.

Episode 2: Fly Fishing Collaborative - Bucky Buchstaber

Bucky Buchstaber, founder and executive director of Fly Fishing Collaborative (FFC), joins us to share how he uses fly fishing to help rescue children from sex trafficking across the world.

Bucky fishing.jpg

Many people tend to separate their spiritual lives from other aspects of life. But to Bucky, the idea that activities such as going to church, praying, and reading scripture are spiritual while things like fishing, sports, and working are not, is just plain wrong.

I wasn’t looking for a new job. I was looking to find more meaning in every aspect of life
— Bucky

Bucky has always loved fly fishing and wanted to turn an activity that had seemingly no spiritual aspect into something that could transform lives. As Bucky’s passion grew and other fishermen joined the cause to stop sex trafficking, eventually FFC was born. Now, FFC builds aquaponics farms around the world to provide financial support for impoverished communities that are at risk for sex trafficking. In addition, experienced fly fishermen and fishing guides donate their time, services, and products to FFC to be sold to the fly fishing community. Below is a video that explains what aquaponics farming is how it helps prevent sex trafficking.

You can learn more at https://flyfishingcollaborative.org/

I hope you enjoyed this episode! What are some creative ways you have seen people make a positive impact with something that seemed ordinary? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Episode 1: Humanizing the Other - Bruce Arnold (HOMEpdx)

In this episode, Bruce Arnold with HOMEpdx shares what it means to humanize the other. You can check out HOMEpdx’s website here.


From a young age, Bruce knew he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, but it wasn’t until he was older that he realized what that would look like. He went from having a solid career to giving up everything to join HOMEpdx, an organization dedicated to loving and serving people on the streets of Portland. In this episode, Bruce challenges our perceptions of what it means to be “normal” and shares practical steps on how to treat “the other” as true human beings.