Episode 6: Project SEARCH-Brandon Runyan/Kari SEALS

Brandon Runyan, an intern with Project SEARCH, shares his experience living with a developmental disability and how Project SEARCH has helped. Kari Seals, the program manager for Project SEARCH also shares why Project SEARCH is so important.

Like many people with developmental disabilities, Brandon is faced with stereotypes and misconceptions on a constant basis. In this episode, Brandon shares with us what some of those misconceptions are and how he deals with them. He also provides some useful tips for “neurotypical” people in how to interact with someone who has a developmental disability. The main point is that if you have a question, just ask!

Brandon and Kari both share how Project SEARCH helps interns build useful job skills such as professionalism, accountability, perseverance, and many others through the nine-month, three-rotation internship. It’s an unfortunate fact that more than 80% of people with developmental disabilities are unemployed. However, for interns who go through the Project SEARCH program, that figure is nearly reversed with 83% of interns finding job placement.

Project SEARCH is also a part of Pacific Grand Realtor’s Network of Generosity, which means anyone who supports Project SEARCH is eligible to receive significant discounts on real estate services. In addition, Pacific Grand agent Daniel Roberts (that’s me!) and industry partners will donate to Project SEARCH after every eligible transaction. For more more information, email