Episode 10: Flash Love-Andrey Ivanov

Andrey Ivanov, co-founder of Flash Love, shares how empowering and raising up youth leaders is impacting communities across the Northwest.

People rise and fall to meet your level of expectations for them
— -John C. Maxwell

Andrey has a passion to restore communities by harnessing the free time and creative energy of young people. While many condemn young people for being destructive or rebellious, Andrey Ivanov discovered that many teens act out because they do not have true leaders or mentors holding them to high standards. Young people want to make an impact but often lack the opportunity or guidance.

Flash Love.jpg

Flash Love was created to give teens a purpose and a community, things every human needs. Not only are schools being transformed, but entire communities are seeing the positive impact of young people who see their own potential and are living life on purpose. Rather than babysitting and controlling them, Flash Love gives young adults responsibility and accountability. To learn more about Flash Love and the impact they are making, visit their site at or visit their facebook page.