Episode 2: Fly Fishing Collaborative - Bucky Buchstaber

Bucky Buchstaber, founder and executive director of Fly Fishing Collaborative (FFC), joins us to share how he uses fly fishing to help rescue children from sex trafficking across the world.

Bucky fishing.jpg

Many people tend to separate their spiritual lives from other aspects of life. But to Bucky, the idea that activities such as going to church, praying, and reading scripture are spiritual while things like fishing, sports, and working are not, is just plain wrong.

I wasn’t looking for a new job. I was looking to find more meaning in every aspect of life
— Bucky

Bucky has always loved fly fishing and wanted to turn an activity that had seemingly no spiritual aspect into something that could transform lives. As Bucky’s passion grew and other fishermen joined the cause to stop sex trafficking, eventually FFC was born. Now, FFC builds aquaponics farms around the world to provide financial support for impoverished communities that are at risk for sex trafficking. In addition, experienced fly fishermen and fishing guides donate their time, services, and products to FFC to be sold to the fly fishing community. Below is a video that explains what aquaponics farming is how it helps prevent sex trafficking.

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I hope you enjoyed this episode! What are some creative ways you have seen people make a positive impact with something that seemed ordinary? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!