Episode 10: Flash Love-Andrey Ivanov

Andrey Ivanov, co-founder of Flash Love, shares how empowering and raising up youth leaders is impacting communities across the Northwest.

People rise and fall to meet your level of expectations for them
— -John C. Maxwell

Andrey has a passion to restore communities by harnessing the free time and creative energy of young people. While many condemn young people for being destructive or rebellious, Andrey Ivanov discovered that many teens act out because they do not have true leaders or mentors holding them to high standards. Young people want to make an impact but often lack the opportunity or guidance.

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Flash Love was created to give teens a purpose and a community, things every human needs. Not only are schools being transformed, but entire communities are seeing the positive impact of young people who see their own potential and are living life on purpose. Rather than babysitting and controlling them, Flash Love gives young adults responsibility and accountability. To learn more about Flash Love and the impact they are making, visit their site at https://www.flashlove.org or visit their facebook page.

Episode 9: Anchors Outdoor Adventures-Isaiah Adams

Isaiah Adams, President and co-founder of Anchor's Outdoor Adventures shares how water action sports can help at-risk or neglected youth find hope and healing.

Isaiah Adams, President and Co-founder

Isaiah Adams, President and Co-founder

Isaiah grew up doing action sports and knows first-hand the therapeutic benefits they can have. In college, Isaiah had the dream of creating an organization that used water sports to help at-risk youth. This dream lied dormant until Isaiah met up with a childhood friend, Trevor Gomez, who had a similar vision. The two began working on the project and Anchors Outdoor Adventures was born shortly after.

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Research has shown that without access to recreation, young people find alternative, often destructive, ways of using their free time. Youth who participate in these destructive activities at an early age have a much higher chance of unlawful offenses. Research also supports the notion that outdoor recreation has considerable positive effects on mental health. By offering a safe, inclusive environment for at-risk youth to engage in action sports, Anchors Outdoor Adventures (Anchors OA) gives at-risk youth an outlet for the many trials they face elsewhere. Anchors Outdoor Adventures (Anchors OA) uses an anchor as a symbol of using Jesus Christ as an anchor for their lives.

You can learn more at https://www.anchorsoa.org

Episode 5: World Race-Lyndsee Landon

Lyndsee Landon, a participant of World Race, shares her story of packing her backpack and spending 11 months in 11 countries serving under-privileged communities while actively showing the love of Jesus.


Lyndsee never planned on being a missionary or participating in World Race. In fact, she thought it was weird that anyone would want to leave the comfort of the United States and spend 11 months in developing countries. But when Lyndsee felt an undeniable calling to apply for the trip, she knew she didn’t have another choice. When she felt prompted to quit her job and break her lease 5 months before she left, she knew she had no option but to trust God.

On this episode Lyndsee shares some of the stories and struggles, as well as heart-warming moments of being on World Race. From working with ex child soldiers, being hit by tuk tuks, having her hair done inside a prison, to the hard goodbyes, this is a story that everyone can learn from.

Lyndsee is continuing her journey at Center for Global Action in Gainesville, Georgia. If you want to support Lyndsee, you can donate directly at http://lyndseelandon.adventurescga.org or use Venmo @Lyndsee-Landon.

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Lyndsee is also selling wild & holy T-shirts to raise support and you can purchase them by clicking this link.

Episode 3: Candlelighters for Children with Cancer - Jackie Groah

Jackie Groah, executive director of Candlelighters for Children with Cancer, joins us to share the impact Candlelighters is making in the lives of families with children diagnosed with cancer.

Jackie Groah, Executive Director

Jackie Groah, Executive Director

It’s hard enough to hear that your child has been diagnosed with cancer. But when you are unable to work because you are with your child in the hospital, have glaring bills for medication and treatment, and feel like you are the only one going through this, it can be almost unbearable. This is the belief held by Candlelighters and is why they work to support the entire family.

Candlelighters Family Camp

Candlelighters Family Camp

Since 1977, Candlelighters has been serving families by providing programs such as emergency financial assistance, an annual family camp, family activities, bereavement support, and a hospital meal program. Over the past few years, the programs and funding have expanded to reach even more families struggling through this difficult journey.

Candlelighters also works hard to give as much as possible to its programs, with 84 cents of every dollar going directly to program support. Over the past 42 years, Candlelighters has served more than 82,000 family members in this difficult journey and is depended upon by hospitals all over the state of Oregon.