Episode 5: World Race-Lyndsee Landon

Lyndsee Landon, a participant of World Race, shares her story of packing her backpack and spending 11 months in 11 countries serving under-privileged communities while actively showing the love of Jesus.


Lyndsee never planned on being a missionary or participating in World Race. In fact, she thought it was weird that anyone would want to leave the comfort of the United States and spend 11 months in developing countries. But when Lyndsee felt an undeniable calling to apply for the trip, she knew she didn’t have another choice. When she felt prompted to quit her job and break her lease 5 months before she left, she knew she had no option but to trust God.

On this episode Lyndsee shares some of the stories and struggles, as well as heart-warming moments of being on World Race. From working with ex child soldiers, being hit by tuk tuks, having her hair done inside a prison, to the hard goodbyes, this is a story that everyone can learn from.

Lyndsee is continuing her journey at Center for Global Action in Gainesville, Georgia. If you want to support Lyndsee, you can donate directly at or use Venmo @Lyndsee-Landon.

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Lyndsee is also selling wild & holy T-shirts to raise support and you can purchase them by clicking this link.